Hereditary separability in Hausdorff continua


  • D. Daniel Lamar University
  • M. Tuncali Nipissing University



Hereditary separability, Image of compact ordered space, Locally connected continuum, Rim-separability


We consider those Hausdorff continua S such that each separable subspace of S is hereditarily separable. Due to results of Ostaszewski and Rudin, respectively, all monotonically normal spaces and therefore all continuous Hausdorff images of ordered compacta also have this property. Our study focuses on the structure of such spaces that also possess one of various rim properties, with emphasis given to rim-separability. In so doing we obtain analogues of results of M. Tuncali and I. Loncar, respectively.


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Author Biographies

D. Daniel, Lamar University

Lamar University, Department of Mathematics, Beaumont, Texas 77710, USA

M. Tuncali, Nipissing University

Nipissing University, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, North Bay, Ontario P1B 8L7, Canada


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