Survival function of a power transformer and a switch by means of non-parametric estimators


  • Pablo Aparicio Ruiz Universidad de Sevilla
  • Maria Rodríguez Palero Universidad de Sevilla
  • Luis Onieva Giménez Universidad de Sevilla



Survival function, non-parametric estimators, transformer.


The aim of this work is the estimation of the survival function of a power transformer and a switch for a medium voltage substation, which provides the empirical reliability of this transformer and its switch. The statistical analyses of recurrent events are used for this estimate. In this study, have been applied several estimators: in the presence of correlation, under a model of maximum likelihood and assuming a gamma frailty model. This work is part of a project applying various techniques of maintenance. These techniques are based on the reliability of the electrical substations belonging to future Smart Grid.


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