Remote sensing and ecosystem modeling to simulate terrestrial carbon fluxes




Carbon fluxes (GPP, NEP), forest, water stress, Monteith, BIOM-BGC


The main goal of this thesis is the establishment of a framework to analyze the forest ecosystems in peninsular Spain in terms of their role in the carbon cycle. In particular, the carbon fluxes that they exchange with atmosphere are modeled to evaluate their potential as carbon sinks and biomass reservoirs. The assessment of gross and net carbon fluxes is performed at 1-km spatial scale and on a daily basis using two different ecosystem models, Monteith and BIOME-BGC, respectively. These models are driven by a combination of satellite and ground data, part of the latter being also employed as a complementary data source and in the validation process.


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Author Biography

Sergio Sánchez-Ruiz, Universitat de València

Environmental Remote Sensing group (UV-ERS)

As. Prof. of Applied Physics and membor of UV-ERS (University of Valencia Environmental Remote Sensing Group).

Main research topics: ecosystem carbon fluxes, vegetation indices, time series, desertification, and, in general, the study of vegetation using spectral data (from visible, near and middle infrared).


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