La Carència (Valencia, España) y su territorio Resultados de la aplicación de metodologías digitales


  • Rosa Albiach SIP-MPV.
  • Héctor A. Orengo GIAP-ICAC.
  • Josep Blasco Global Alacant
  • Ana Ejarque GEOLAB – Université de Clermont-Ferrand



Photogrammetry, GIS, 3D, Remote sensing


'La Carència. Chronological and urban change. Evaluation in its territorial context' is an archaeological project whose application of digital methodologies to the study of la Carència Ibero-Roman oppidum and its territory has been prominent during the last ten years. This application has been twofold: archaeological research has employed GIS analyses, photogrammetrical modelling of past landscapes and multispectral imagery analysis. Scientific dissemination has been enhanced by the use of aerial photogrammetry but 3D virtual modelling was also employed to develop a hypothetical reconstruction of the city walled area. In general the application of digital methodologies benefited archaeological analysis and, at the same time, helped developing the heritage value of both site and territory.


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Author Biographies

Rosa Albiach, SIP-MPV.

SIP-MPV. Valencia, España.

Héctor A. Orengo, GIAP-ICAC.

GIAP-ICAC. Tarragona, España.

Josep Blasco, Global Alacant

Global Alacant. Alicante, España.

Ana Ejarque, GEOLAB – Université de Clermont-Ferrand

GEOLAB – Université de Clermont-Ferrand, Clermont-Ferrand, Francia.


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Albiach, R., Orengo, H. A., Blasco, J., & Ejarque, A. (2012). La Carència (Valencia, España) y su territorio Resultados de la aplicación de metodologías digitales. Virtual Archaeology Review, 3(5), 73–76.