Digital Conservation and Access: Saving Humanity's History in the Petabyte Age


  • Michael Ashley Cultural Heritage Imaging



Digital dark, Age, Petabyte


We are at a unique point in history, the cusp of a Digital Dark Age, where cultural heritage professionals must work to care for the physical past while assuring that there will be a digital Rosetta Stone for future generations. This contribution describes the state-of-the-field in digital preservation and access, and is a call to action for individuals and institutions alike to work beyond our comfort zones and competitive boundaries in order to help define a sustainable digital future. Defined as an “hourglass of participation”, I describe a method where knowledge producers, curators and consumers interact and actively work to make content born-archival and long-term viable, semantically managed and ready for reuse and public dissemination


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Author Biography

Michael Ashley, Cultural Heritage Imaging

Cultural Heritage Imaging, USA


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