Herramientas SIG 3D


  • Francisco R. Feito Higueruela Universidad de Jaén
  • Rafael J. Segura Sánchez Universidad de Jaén




Geographical information system, Spatial information system, GIS, SIS, 3D, Computer graphics


Applications of Geographical Information Systems on several Archeology fields have been increasing during the last years. Recent avances in these technologies make possible to work with more realistic 3D models. In this paper we introduce a new paradigm for this system, the GIS Thetrahedron, in which we define the fundamental elements of GIS, in order to provide a better understanding of their capabilities. At the same time the basic 3D characteristics of some comercial and open source software are described, as well as the application to some samples on archeological researchs


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Author Biographies

Francisco R. Feito Higueruela, Universidad de Jaén

Departamento de Informática Universidad de Jaén. España

Rafael J. Segura Sánchez, Universidad de Jaén

Departamento de Informática Universidad de Jaén. España


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Feito Higueruela, F. R., & Segura Sánchez, R. J. (2010). Herramientas SIG 3D. Virtual Archaeology Review, 1(1), 87–91. https://doi.org/10.4995/var.2010.4795