Some classes of topological spaces related to zero-sets


  • F. Golrizkhatami Yasouj University, Iran
  • Ali Taherifar Yasouj University, Iran



zero-set, almost P-space, compact space, z-embedded subset


An almost P-space is a topological space in which every zero-set is regular-closed. We introduce a large class of spaces, C-almost P-space (briefly CAP-space), consisting of those spaces in which the closure of the interior of every zero-set is a zero-set. In this paper we study CAP-spaces. It is proved that if X is a dense and Z#-embedded subspace of a space T, then T is CAP if and only if X is a CAP and CRZ-extended in T (i.e, for each regular-closed zero-set Z in X, clTZ is a zero-set in T). In 6P.5 of [8] it was shown that a closed countable union of zero-sets need not be a zero-set. We call X a CZ-space whenever the closure of any countable union of zero-sets is a zero-set. This class of spaces contains the class of P-spaces, perfectly normal spaces, and is contained in the cozero complemented spaces and CAP-spaces. In this paper we study topological properties of CZ (resp. cozero complemented)-space and other classes of topological spaces near to them. Some algebraic and topological equivalent conditions of CZ (resp. cozero complemented)-space are characterized. Examples are provided to illustrate and delimit our results.


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