On cofree S-spaces and cofree S-flows


  • Behnam Khosravi Institute for Advanced Studies in Basic Sciences




S-space, S-flow, Cofree S-space, Cofree S-flow Compact-open topology, Injective S-space


Let S-Tych be the category of Tychonoff S-spaces for a topological monoid S. We study the cofree S-spaces and cofree S-flows over topological spaces and we prove that for any topological space X and a topological monoid S, the function space C(S,X) with the compact-open topology and the action s · f = (t → f(st)) is the cofree S-space over X if and only if the compact-open topology is admissible and Tychonoff. Finally we study injective S-spaces and we characterize injective cofree S-spaces, when the compact-open topology is admissible and Tychonoff. As a consequence of this result, we characterize the cofree S-spaces and cofree S-flows, when S is a locally compact topological monoid.


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Author Biography

Behnam Khosravi, Institute for Advanced Studies in Basic Sciences

Department of Mathematics, Institute for Advanced Studies in Basic Sciences,Zanjan 45137-66731, Iran


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