Well-posedness, bornologies, and the structure of metric spaces


  • Gerald Beer California State University Los Angeles
  • Manuel Segura California State University Los Angeles




Well-posed problem, Bornology, UC-space, Cofinally complete space, Strong uniform continuity, Bornological convergence, Shielded from closed sets


Given a continuous nonnegative functional λ that makes sense defined on an arbitrary metric space (X, d), one may consider those spaces in which each sequence (xn) for which lim n→∞λ(xn) = 0 clusters. The compact metric spaces, the complete metric spaces, the cofinally complete metric spaces, and the UC-spaces all arise in this way. Starting with a general continuous nonnegative functional λ defined on (X, d), we study the bornology Bλ of all subsets A of X on which limn→∞λ(an) = 0 ⇒ (an) clusters, treating the possibility X ∈ Bλ as a special case. We characterize those bornologies that can be expressed as Bλ  for some λ, as well as those that can be so induced by a uniformly continuous λ.


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Author Biographies

Gerald Beer, California State University Los Angeles

Department of Mathematics

Manuel Segura, California State University Los Angeles

Department of Mathematics


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