A short note on hit-and-miss hyperspaces


  • René Bartsch Rostock University
  • Harry Poppe Rostock University




Hit-and-miss topology, Compactness, Relative completeness, Relative compact unions, Upper Vietoris topology


Based on some set-theoretical observations, compactness results are given for general hit-and-miss hyperspaces. Compactness here is sometimes viewed splitting into “κ-Lindelöfness” and “κ-compactness” for cardinals κ. To focus only hit-and-miss structures, could look quite old-fashioned, but some importance, at least for the techniques, is given by a recent result, [8], of Som Naimpally, to who this article is hearty dedicated.


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Author Biographies

René Bartsch, Rostock University

Dept. of Computer Science

Harry Poppe, Rostock University

Dept. of Mathematics


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R. Bartsch and H. Poppe, “A short note on hit-and-miss hyperspaces”, Appl. Gen. Topol., vol. 4, no. 2, pp. 281–288, Oct. 2003.



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