Rural Landscape Simplification and Provision of Cultural Ecosystem Services. A Case Study in the Argentine Pampas




rural landscapes, individual preference, cultural ecosystem services, landscape simplification, aesthetic values


In recent decades, the rural landscape of the Argentine Pampas has undergone a process of simplification due to the increased land allocated to crops, replacing pastures and grasslands, with a substantial increase in soybean area. In 2016-2017, a survey was conducted to analyze changes in cultural ecosystem services in this region. Pergamino citizens relate landscape improvement in terms of aesthetic and recreational values to increasing its complexity since they prefer more winter crops, grazing areas, native vegetation, trees, and birds. The significant relationship between sociodemographic variables and preferences for landscape attributes is consistent with the notion that aesthetic perception is constructed from personal experiences and background.


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Author Biographies

Silvina María Cabrini, Universidad Nacional del Noroeste de la Provincia de Buenos Aires (UNNOBA) ; Instituto Nacional de Tecnología Agropecuaria (INTA)

Estación Experimental Agropecuaria Pergamino

Estela Raquel Cristeche, Instituto Nacional de Tecnología Agropecuaria (INTA)

Centro de Investigación en Economía y Prospectiva (CIEP)

Ignacio Raul Pace Guerrero, Instituto Nacional de Tecnología Agropecuaria (INTA)

Centro de Investigación en Economía y Prospectiva (CIEP)

María Victoria Bitar, Universidad Nacional del Noroeste de la Provincia de Buenos Aires (UNNOBA)



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