Use of the ABC Curve in Medicine Line Balancing: A Case Study at a Brazilian Pharmaceutical Distribution Center




ABC Curve, Line Balancing, Logistics


Within the logistics, especially in distribution centers, there is still use of manual activities, with great possibility of gaining productivity. This work aims to improve efficiency in the supply and separation stages by balancing drug lines using the ABC classification. For this, a case study was carried out in a large Brazilian retail pharmaceutical network, in which products of higher output were relocated in more strategic areas. Ergonomic gains, reduction of required manpower, greater assertiveness, and savings of two hours of work (25%) were the main results achieved. The study also made it possible to disseminate an accessible, automated and effective tool for line balancing on large scale inventories.


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Author Biographies

N.P. Oliveira, Université de Bordeaux

DBA student at Unviersité de Bordeaux - France, MBA at Universersité de Bordeaux (2017), Specialization in Project Management by Federa University of Rio de Janeiro - Brazil and Production/Industrial Engineer graduated at Fluminense Federal University - Brazil.

Mathematics professor at Federal University of Juiz de Fora - Brazil and was a mathematics professor at Rio de Janeiro State University.

Has great professional experience of more than 10 years in management, specially in Supply Chain, Project and Process and Financial Management, Fuzzy Logic, Multi-criteria Decision Making and Total Quality Management.

D.G.O. Prado, Technological Federal University of Paraná

Holds a bachelor's degree in Mathematics from Viçosa Federal University (2009). Master in Agricultural Statistics and Experimentation, Lavras Federal University (2012). PhD in Agricultural Statistics and Experimentation, Lavras Federal University (2016). Currently Assistant Professor C (level 3) and is responsible for the Education Center at theTechnological Federal University of Paraná - Apucarana campus.

R.H.G. Jesus, Technological Federal University of Paraná

Holds a degree in Production Engineering from the Federal Center for Technological Education Celso Suckow da Fonseca (2014) and specialization in Work Safety Engineering from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (2018). He has experience in the area of Production Engineering, with emphasis on Production Management and Occupational Health and Safety, working mainly on the following topics: quality of life management, quality and work organization.


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