Sverre Fehn and the primitive architecture of Morocco




Sverre Fehn, Morocco, Primitive Architecture, Jorn Utzon


Norwegian architect Sverre Fehn took a trip to Morocco in 1951 which is one of the most remarkable steps of his beginnings as an architect, but also one of the most unknown. Until now, nearing the tenth anniversary of his death in February 2009, research on the Nordic author has ignored the need to study the journey in depth. This has been treated on many occasions just as a confessed starting point in his career. This paper rebuilds, organizes and analyses the trip using the original notebooks that Sverre Fehn brought with him on his return, three and not one, as has always been claimed, which were left to the National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design in Norway. The researcher explores the traveller’s thoughts through the places and constructions encoded in his drawings. Following Jorn Utzon’s advice, Fehn recognized the inspiring dimension that primitive architecture had for the masters of the Modern Movement and, therefore, for their own modern cultural heritage.


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Author Biography

Iván Israel Rincón Borrego, Universidad de Valladolid

Dpto. de Teoría de la Arquitectura y Proyectos Arquitectónicos

Profesor Contratado Doctor


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Research articles
Received 2018-08-29
Accepted 2019-03-16
Published 2019-04-30