Luis Albert and the first urban plans of the Provincial Council of Valencia


  • José Luis Merlo Fuertes Arquitecto



urban history, urbanism, planning, Diputación de Valencia, Luís Albert


This article will analyze the urban plans of those municipalities in the Province of Valencia that embraced the technical assistance given by the Provincial Council for the planning composition, at the time of Luis Albert Ballesteros, the provincial council architect. Those first urban plans of the Provincial Council make up a homogeneous set of documents since they respond to a unique style of urban planning that varies as much as the original core of the population does. The common element is the ground plan centrality that would be highlighted by an area or a protected green zone that will somehow link to the urban proposals connected to the city-garden model by Howard. Commencement of which began at a time characterized mainly by the co-existence of a great diversity of laws and percepts, making it so that the meaning of the term urban planning could be applied in a variety of ways. The urban plans of the Provincial Council represent the latest inheritance of the extension models and interior remodeling. In the transition to the Land Planning Act (Ley de Suelo) of 1956, these plans have the interest in being, in addition to the last examples of the so-called urbanism in the municipal tradition, one of the ancestors of the current master plans of urban development (plan general de ordenación urbana).


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Author Biography

José Luis Merlo Fuertes, Arquitecto

Architect PhD.


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Received 2014-07-31
Accepted 2014-08-05
Published 2014-10-23