Photography and Modern Architecture in Spain, 1925-1965. Iñaki Bergera (ed.)




photographers, architecture, modernity, aesthetics, theory


Under the same title as the research project it stems from, this book is intended as the catalogue for the exhibition held at the ICO Museum (Madrid) between June and September 2014. The project, under the direction of Iñaki Bergera, brought together several researchers and guest authors in order to analyse, document and disseminate the role of photography in the construction of modernity in Spain. Both the exhibition and the catalogue are vehicles for the initial presentation of the research carried out.


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Author Biography

Silvia Blanco Agüeira, Centro Superior de Estudios de Galicia University College Dublin

Lecturer in Research and Innovation-Architectural Thesis Preparation (2011/13).

Lecturer in History & Theory of Architecture III y IV (2011/13).

Lecturer in Architectural Design II (2010/2011).


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Received 2014-11-13
Accepted 2015-02-09
Published 2015-04-14