Social sustainability: from accessibility to inclusive design


  • Alessandro Greco University of Pavia


Palabras clave:

Architectural heritage, Design for all, Inclusion, Overcoming architectural barriers


Usually, articles and books about sustainability in building (and urban) sector are focused on environment, reuse, energy saving, solar and natural energy but the “social” sustainability is not considered as one topic for architects and engineers. But these professionals have to improve the quality of the life of the Human Being and to realize environments in which People can realize themselves safely and independently. The researches at the University of Pavia are focused on solutions to make inclusive the historical buildings and sites, looking for solutions that, at different scale, could be inserted respecting the history and the cultural environment but also improving the chance to visit and live according with the contemporary needs. The article shows the cultural approach and the method applied and some solutions that make clear this philosophy, with the awareness that each historic building and site is a unicum that needs answers that pay attention to the location, the history, the cultural and social background, the real needs and the aim of the complete project.


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Biografía del autor/a

Alessandro Greco, University of Pavia

Department of Civil Engineer and Architecture


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Greco, A. (2020). Social sustainability: from accessibility to inclusive design. EGE Revista De Expresión Gráfica En La Edificación, (12), 18–27.



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