From digital drawing to dissemination of the collected data, reflections on the virtual creative process


  • Ylenia Ricci Università degli studi di Firenze Dipartimento di Architettura
  • Andrea Pasquali University of Florence
  • Stéphane Giraudeau University of Florence


Palabras clave:

Digitalization, Photogrammetry, Dissemination, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality


The research presented here focuses on the understanding of the act of drawing not only as a means of restitution of the architectural survey but also considering the modernization of the representation techniques. This must be considered as a first step for the creation of virtual environments capable of offering advanced methodologies for the dissemination of the collected data. Expanding the techniques that can be referred to drawing will not only be a necessary process, and one that is already underway, but it will have to strengthen the intrinsic potential of representation. The aim is to communicate and record information with common codes facilitating reading and dissemination. Central to this is the use of drawing as a means of connection between different figures researching a topic. Drawing must be interpreted as the restitution and result of processes of elaboration and codification of the information collected with the survey, that leads us to the modeling and realization of exhaustive elaborations, containing the greatest amount of information useful for the dissemination of the existing architectural heritage and beyond. Its digital evolution, an opportunity to increase the potential and strength of the scientific dissemination of knowledge.


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Biografía del autor/a

Ylenia Ricci, Università degli studi di Firenze Dipartimento di Architettura

Architect and VR/AR Visualizer

Obtained her Master’s Degree in 2018 at the University of Florence, where she is now Tutor of the Extended Reality Laboratory at DIDAlabs.

In 2019, she spent a year in Rotterdam as a trainee at NioArchitecten. Her main focus of interest lies in Virtual and Augmented Reality technologies and their use for disseminating the built heritage. Within the Department of Architecture of the University of Florence, she supervises undergraduate and graduate students for digital survey, photogrammetry, and XR-related research. Besides her academic affiliation, she works as a freelance Architect at Ad.Ing Studio in Florence, and she is also involved in independent digital imaging projects.

Andrea Pasquali, University of Florence

Departament of Architecture

Stéphane Giraudeau, University of Florence

Department of Architecture


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Ricci, Y., Pasquali, A., & Giraudeau, S. (2021). From digital drawing to dissemination of the collected data, reflections on the virtual creative process. EGE Revista De Expresión Gráfica En La Edificación, (14), 114–124.



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