Doorway to Research: Issues in the Development of an Interactive Website for International Graduate Students


  • Karen Woodman Queensland University of Technology
  • Susan Gasson Queensland University of Technology



Innovation, technology, international graduate student, web-based resources, NESB students, social networking


This paper describes results of a study evaluating the content, functionality and design features of an innovative online website called the Doorway to Research ( , which was developed to support international graduate students studying at universities in Australia. First, the key features of the website are described. Second, the result of a pilot study involving 12 students and faculty members who tested key aspects of the design, content and functionality of the website and provided written and oral feedback base on task-based questions and focus group discussions are explored. Finally, recommendations for future development are presented. Results of the study indicate general student satisfaction with the website and its design, content and functionality, with specific areas identified for further development.


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