e-PBL: your tablet for effective Medical Spanish learning


  • Ana Niño University of Manchester




Problem-based learning, blended-learning, specialist language


This paper aims to describe some issues surrounding the development of a VLE for the blended teaching of medical Spanish via a problem-based learning (PBL) methodology which has its foundations on constructivism, self-directed learning and collaboration. Firstly, the main purpose, features and stages of this instructional method are discussed together with some recommendations for its implementation in the specialist language class. Then some examples of useful e-tools and resources for blended PBL and/or e-PBL are presented. Finally, the components of the medical Spanish VLE are described in a flexible framework that integrates language and content based knowledge with a view to support and complement face-to-face tuition and provide multiple opportunities for interactive practice and feedback in preparation for effective target language communication in the students' professional future.


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