Using online streamed audio and podcasting in L2 teaching and learning: how do they work and copyright implications


  • Andrea Rizzi University of Melbourne
  • Matthew Absalom University of Melbourne



Podcasting, Audiostreaming, Copyright, L2, Authentic materials


Providing students with contemporary, up-to-date listening experiences in L2 is an ongoing challenge for language educators. Indeed, much commercially available material is dated or presents language in an idealised and decontextualised way. Audiostreaming provides a wealth of resources which may go some way towards resolving these issues. Contemporary teaching and learning materials on an extremely wide range of topics are easily downloaded from national radio station websites and are accessible via systems such as podcasting. This paper discusses one attempt at integrating these resources into tertiary language courses and demonstrates how these can be easily and efficiently integrated into meaningful online learning tasks. In addition, we discuss the complex issue of copyright and online materials in Australia, UK (Europe) and the US.


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