OUOcoursebook.com An organic, universal, online coursebook (OUO)


  • Freda Mishan University of Limerick




http://www.ouocoursebook.com is a pilot website designed as part of a language learning materials development research project at the University of Limerick, Ireland.

OUO - which stands for 'Organic' 'Universal' 'Online' - is an online coursebook with a 'text-driven approach' (Brian Tomlinson e.g. 2003: 110) which has set out to compile and offer texts and learning materials from a range of EIL cultures; hence its universal tag. The online interactivity in this coursebook is in the compiling of the material rather than within the materials themselves. The OUO coursebook is authored collaboratively in that teachers/materials writers access the site online and upload teaching materials, growing the coursebook organically; and teachers can equally download and print materials for use in the classroom. In order to make the materials as versatile as possible, they are available in Word, so that they can be customised, as well as pdf format.


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