EFL teachers’ perceptions about an online CALL training. A case from Turkey


  • Behice Ceyda Cengiz Bulent Ecevit University
  • Gölge Seferoğlu Middle East Technical University
  • Işıl Günseli Kaçar Middle East Technical University




Computer-assisted Language Learning, in-service teacher education, online training, technology integration


This paper examined a group of Turkish EFL in-service teachers’ perceptions about a four-week online CALL training they received on a voluntary basis. The data were collected via a background questionnaire, interviews and reflection reports written by the participating teachers. Findings demonstrated that online CALL training was beneficial for the teachers since they gained familiarity with cutting-edge CALL technologies and developed ideas about how to use them in their classes. CALL learning in cyberspace, however, was found to be too challenging for some teachers devoid of the computer skills needed to manage the online experience. Most of the teachers also expected the CALL training to be situated in their classroom contexts providing them with ample opportunities to learn and apply CALL in their local teaching contexts. Taking the various needs of the teachers into consideration, the researcher came up with suggestions for future initiatives for in-service CALL teacher education. 


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