El juego lingüístico: una herramienta pedagógica en las clases de idiomas


  • Ildefonso Gustavo Díaz Sandoval Facultad de Ciencias Médicas, Artemisa




Linguistic games, Assimilation of knowledge, Communicative teaching


Linguistic games constitute instruments and techniques that used in the learning of the language, they make this a much more motivational, active and interesting process. They are pedagogic activities that should be kept in mind in the designing of the curriculum and, therefore, to be part of our daily activities in the classroom, because they are instruments of language learning. They also help the professor to be closer to the students in a pleasant way and this contributes to facilitate the teaching-learning process.
The present work consists on the compilation of a total of 40 linguistic games as useful pedagogic tools for the classes of foreign language. The author of the compilation dedicates a chapter where the importance of these games for English classes is approached. Also, he offers suggestions and recommendations from the linguistic, psicopedagogic and methodological and educational point of view to reach satisfactory results when the games are applied.


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