Sanchi: Before today (In light of Nagauri quarry and factory site)


  • Sachin Kr. Tiwary Banaras Hindu University
  • Rusav Kumar Sahu Utkal University



Karari, Nagauri, Post hole, Masson mark, Monolithic pillar, Engraving, Quarry


The present paper deals with result obtained from recently conducted archaeological investigations in Kakanaya hill and Nagauri hill. The paper is a report of the archaeological exploration and scientific documentation of the Kakanaya hill and Nagauri hill. This study aims at presenting holistic understanding of the origin and development of the artistic activities in the region and to give the general information about the archaeological sites in the study area. The documented man activities will also discussed in detail. The present paper based on new interpretation regarding its importance for the development of Buddhist architecture and its cotemporary technique.


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Author Biographies

Sachin Kr. Tiwary, Banaras Hindu University

Department of Ancient Indian History Culture and Archaeology

Faculty of Arts

Rusav Kumar Sahu, Utkal University

Archaeology Department


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Sachin Kr. Tiwary, & Rusav Kumar Sahu. (2013). Sanchi: Before today (In light of Nagauri quarry and factory site). Virtual Archaeology Review, 4(8), 165–168.