PLAYHIST: Playing with History. Transformation of interactive film in serious game for learning


  • Pablo Aguirrezabal Tecnalia Research & Innovation Centre
  • Ainhoa Pérez Tecnalia Research & Innovation Centre - ICT-ESI Division
  • Sara Sillaurren Tecnalia Research & Innovation Centre



Engagement, Game based learning, Museums, 3D avatars, Interactivity


Within the museum spaces and interpretation centers, one of whose main functions is the preservation and dissemination of historical resources, it is important to connect with the visitors in some modern, accessible, interesting and familiar communication forms. With this objective, it’s a key issue the introduction of new technologies that facilitate the tasks of illustrate, teach and interest the visitor. Through PLAYHIST experiment, Tecnalia aims the transformation of an interactive movie about ancient Greece in a historical multiplayer serious game, that, on the same environment of the Tholos in the Hellenic Cosmos of Athens (Greece), will seek to demonstrate that museums and cultural centers visitors learning can be increased through the introduction of historical content gamificacion concept. Within this experiment, a series of metrics that affect both the service and the user experience and learning will be defined. These metrics will be collected with both the software game components and questionnaires forms from the visitors themselves. Subsequent analysis of the data collected will give a clue about whether the concept of "learning by playing" is valid in this type of cultural centers.


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Author Biography

Sara Sillaurren, Tecnalia Research & Innovation Centre

ICT-ESI Division


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Aguirrezabal, P., Pérez, A., & Sillaurren, S. (2014). PLAYHIST: Playing with History. Transformation of interactive film in serious game for learning. Virtual Archaeology Review, 5(11), 93–100.