Digitalización y visualización 3D de cerámica arqueológica


  • Ana Martínez Carrillo Universidad de Jaén
  • Arturo Ruiz Rodríguez Universidad de Jaén
  • Miguel Ángel Rubio Paramio Universidad de Jaén



Archaeological pottery, 3D visualization


The documentation system of the archaeological material has development in the last years thanks to the application of new technologies. These innovations have been quite useful in the field of the documentation, analysis and visualization of the archaeological artefacts.

In this article a methodology for the achievement of 3D model of archaeological pottery is exposed. This methodology fits within the CATA project (Archaeological Wheel Pottery of Andalusia in its acronyms in Spanish). The main objective of the project is the implementation of a database which is accessible by Internet, containing assorted information about pottery vessels and fragments found in Andalusia in different periods. This reference collection contains information concerning not only the manufacture process, the description of the surface treatment, or the context of finding of the ceramics, but also 3D models that allows a better knowledge of the vessel.


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Author Biographies

Ana Martínez Carrillo, Universidad de Jaén

Centro Andaluz de Arqueología Ibérica, Universidad de Jaén. España

Arturo Ruiz Rodríguez, Universidad de Jaén

Centro Andaluz de Arqueología Ibérica, Universidad de Jaén. España

Miguel Ángel Rubio Paramio, Universidad de Jaén

Departamento de Ingeniería gráfica, Diseño y Proyectos, Universidad de Jaén. España


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Martínez Carrillo, A., Ruiz Rodríguez, A., & Rubio Paramio, M. Ángel. (2010). Digitalización y visualización 3D de cerámica arqueológica. Virtual Archaeology Review, 1(2), 133–136.