Focus and Scope

VITRUVIO Journal is an international journal publishing original articles on frontier research, interdisciplinary and overlapping, in Architecture and Building Engineering covering topics on Sustainable Heritage. So that, the journal positions its scope both in the dominions of Science and Social Sciences.

Topics covered by the journal:

Design and Technique.  Innovation and research in design, processes and operation of integrated design systems and solutions that inform advances towards the sustainable development of heritage.

Digital Cultural Heritage. Modelling the Built Environment uses technology and digital innovation to find answers to some of the big questions facing adaptations of heritage and its societies today.

Spatial Analysis. Smart Heritage Cities and Towns, urban and rural, are informed theoretically and empirically, by GIS systems among others to raise awareness of new technologies, software and techniques that have emerged as ‘web revolution’.

Regeneration. Social sciences applied to the improvement communities and their Historical Built Environments looking for global prosperity of Heritage Sites. Health, human wellbeing and climate change.

Energy Focus. Works in partnership with industry, government and other academic bodies, to ensure that the carried out research has a real-word impact on sustainable use of natural resources.

Historic Buildings and Structures. Reuse, rehabilitation and maintenance. Approaches may consider energy efficiency in historical buildings, as well as materials conservation and repair, monitorisation of structures and materials decay, among others.

 The journal considers that all the aforementioned realms perform heritage in a constant state of evolution. Hence, papers should be presented considering the focus of the journal on Dynamic and Sustainable Heritage.

Researchers related to these fields are invited to contribute. The selection of papers complies with the protocols for scientific publication. The peer review is done through a system of referees, experts in the field of research.

The journal is published twice a year and appears in digital version.