Abstracts of the Webinar on Cuniculture, WEBIASESCU 2020

Online meeting, Spain, 11st and 24th November, and 17th December, 2020


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The first Webinar on Cuniculture, WebiAsescu 2020, organised by the Spanish Association of Cuniculture (ASESCU), was held online 11st and 24th November, and 17th December, 2020, co-organised with Grupo Editorial Agricola and Henar Comunicación Agroalimentaria. This meeting was programmed in substitution of the annual edition of Symposium on Cuniculture, cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The webinar series was arranged in thee editions consisting each one of two main talks and 5-6 oral communications. First webinar focussed on “Marketing of rabbit meat and new consumer trends” and was integrated by two main talks: “How to improve the marketing of rabbit meat” (by María Luz de Santos, from Intercun) and “Analysis of the status and future perspectives of rabbit meat production and industry in Spain” (by Luis Montero, from Polytechnic University of Valencia). Second webinar was related to “Pathology: coronavirus and control of myxomatoxis and viral hemorrhagic disease” and included two main talks: “Coronavirus and rabbit farming” (by Francisco Parra, from University of Oviedo) and “Myxomatosis and viral hemorrhagic disease: key aspects of its control” (by Juan M. Rosell, from Cunivetservice). Third webinar was devoted to “Present and future of the sector: Legislation, certification and animal welfare” and two main talks were presented: “Conclusions and recommendations EFSA: Health and welfare of rabbits on farms” (by Angela Trocino, from University of Padova) and “Indicators of animal welfare in rabbits. How to do a full assessment” (by Antoni Dalmau, from IRTA). Moreover, a total of 16 oral communications were presented by research teams from Spain, Algeria, Mexico, France and United Kingdom. Each webinar was attended by more than 300 participants from several European, American and African countries. Abstracts of the contributions presented are reported below.


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