Reproductive performance of rabbits fed wheat bran with tropical forages or Leucaena Leucocephala.


  • J.P. Muir Instituto de Produçào Animal
  • E.S. Massaete Instituto de Produçào Animal



Reproductive characteristics of 12 does fed 24 % (dry matter basis) fresh Leucaena leucocephala with wheat bran ad libitum were compared to 12 does fed wheat bran ad libitum with various herbaceous tropical forages ad libitum for 6 months. During the trial, 75 % of the L. leucocephala fed does either died or were eliminated due, indirectly, to pododermatitis. For these does, young born were 83.6 % and young weaned were 55.7 % of the control group results. Offspring mortality was 52.2 % and total mass of young weaned was 2.4 kg compared to the control mortality of 28 % and weaned young mass of 5.2 kg. Results suggested that inclusion of L. leucocephala at 24 % of the diet in lieu of other forages ad libitum 1s detrimental to does and negatively effects reproduction.


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