Growth performance of broiler rabbits maintained on different diets


  • R. Prasad Central Sheep and Wool Research Institute
  • G. Singh Central Sheep and Wool Research Institute
  • B.C. Patnayak Central Sheep and Wool Research Institute



A study on growth performance on 90 broiler rabbits of White Giant and Soviet Chinchilla, weaned a 28 days and maintained on 3 different diets for 56 days, was conducted with an objective to work out an economical feeding system. First group (T1) was provided concéntrate pellets and cowpea hay (Vigna sinennsis) plus green alfalfa, second group (T2) ad libitum complete pelleted feed and third group (T3) was provided ad libitum concéntrate pellet alongwith Green alfalfa fodder. Dry matter intake in T3 was (139g/d) significantly (P≤0.01) higher tan that of T1 (106g/d) and T2 (97g/d), the latter two, however did not differ significantly from each other. The average daily gain in T2 (30g/d) and T3 (29g/d) were significantly higher tan in T1 (24g/d). The highest net return per rabbit was recorded in T2 (Rs 9.87) followed by T3 (Rs 6.21) compared to T1 (Rs 2.88). The results tend to conclude that the economical weight gain of about 30g/d under tropical conditions can be achieved in exotic farm bred broiler rabbits maintained either on complete pelleted feed or concéntrate pellets supplemented with good quality Green alfalfa, fed ad libitum.


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