Subclinical coccidiosis in Angora rabbits, a field survey in Himachal Pradesh, India.


  • K.P. Jithendran Indian Veterinary Research Institute
  • T.K. Bhat Indian Veterinary Research Institute



Eight species of coccidia were identified in 180 (57.3%) out of 314 faecal samples or topotypes from four commercial rabbitries in Kangra Valley of Himachal Pradesh. Mixed infections were common and 82% of the infected animals harbored 2-4 Eimeria species. Eimeria magna, E eertorans and E media were the predominant species while E. irresidua, E. stiedai and E intestinalis were less common, and E. piriformis and E. coecicola were relatively rare. E. exigua, E. flavescens and E. vejdovskyi were not recorded in the present study. The level of infection based on the oocyst output data, was found to be related to management practices. The intensity of infection assessed by oocyst par gram of faeces (OPG) was higher in big private farms (0.05-80x103) in comparison to small Government farms (0.3-16.5x103).


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