A review on the energy value of sugar beet pulp for rabbits


  • C. De Blas Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
  • R. Carabaño Universidad Politécnica de Madrid




Recent information about the energy value of sugar beet pulp (SBP) is reviewed in this paper. According to the results presented, DE content of SBP depends on the tvpe of basal diet and the level of inclusion used. A value of 10.5 MJ/K.9 DM is proposed for practical levels of inclusion. Digestible energy can be kept as the unit of expression of energy value of SBP when this ingredient replaces a 15% of cereal grains in the diet. The use of DE overestimates the energy values of SBP when it is included in the diet at levels greater than 30%. However, these levels are not frequent in practical formulation, as intake and performance of rabbits are impaired.


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